Friday, September 28, 2007

Great Story on the NBC Nightly News!!!!

Airlines reject DOT report
Airlines reject DOT report

NBC gets it right about delays - the airlines aren't doing anything about delays because their own practices are causing the delays.

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faahope said...

It is Congressman Mica and the President who made the FAA cut back and it is Marion Blakey who obliged to do so. Now they are threatening the airlines to rearrange their schedules or "the government might enforce flight limits."

It didn't mean anything to congress when the air traffic controllers told them 5 years ago, they were going to run into a problem of shortage of controllers, and that it would bring on massive delays. Congress doesn't even care if a controller gets mistreated.

But the first time they are on a plane and have to be delayed they want to magically snap their fingers and have the problem solved.

I have a message for congress and the President first say thank you to Congressman John Mica he was great, all those years in getting things cut back, privatized, consolidated, and making these delays possible and endangering lives. Say thank you to Marion Blakey for the support she gave on mistreating professionals and causing delays.

Congress I have another message. You and Marion created this mess but the air traffic controllers are professionals and will not take any chances. They still believe in their motto "SAFETY FIRST"

Add to that the Memphis outage on Tuesday September 25. According to a letter I received from VP of Terminal Services David Johnson through my Senator’s office when an ARTCC Center goes to AT Zero another takes over. Memphis is surrounded by 5 other ARTCC Centers and none of them took over what happened? Is this really a possible idea or does this just work on paper? You can read the entire letter. Search on Mission to save South Florida and go to the US Senate page and click the link Letter the FAA sent to Senator Nelson's Office.