Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Meterologist says Airlines' are Playing the Weather Card when it comes to Delays

The heap of evidence just keeps on mounting up against the Airlines' and their excuses about flight delays. A forensic meteorologist, Howie Altschule, is an "expert witness" when it comes to tracking down bad weather. He claims that, "I do believe that bad weather is sometimes being used as an excuse for delays or cancellations when it really was not." If fact, Altschule says that the Airlines' are indifferent and "don't mind flying" near or around bad weather storms.

The problem with flying these days is that the airlines' are not being held accountable for delayed flights that they say occur due to "bad weather." Currently there is no system in place that verifies whether or not bad weather is the real cause for delayed flights and as you would expect, the airlines are using this to their advantage by leaving passengers stranded on tarmacs and putting the bill on the backs of its passengers!

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